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Dress Up

Luxury Sportwear Luxury Sportwear
Luxury Sportwear: Luxury sportswear looks use satins and metallic futuristic fabrics along with neon brights.
Show My Beauty Show My Beauty
Show My Beauty: What a beautiful girl you make up here! Modern fair style, elegant fashion and �.everything shows her beauty.
Dress Up Barack Dress Up Barack
Dress up the presidential candidate in a variety of wacky outfits. Today he's a game, tomorrow he's a trivia question.
Cool Car and Cool Time Cool Car and Cool Time
Cool Car and Cool Time: Has a cool sports car; hope to have a cool time at the party.

· Qing Dynasty Palace
· Wedding gowns


Action / Adventure

Sea of Fire Sea of Fire
Warcraft + Risk + Flash = This. Hours of fun.
Naked Santa Naked Santa
Throw snowballs at naked santa before they get away
Amorphous Amorphous
The Gooples are all around you. They are colored bubbles that float around trying to kill you. Luckily, you are not alone. You have a huge-ass knife to cleave them all!
Territory War Territory War
It's not just war, it's metal. Claim your territory in the name of Incubus if you want.

· Stabicka 2
· London Cabbie



Tubin Tubin
Need to relax? Try tubin' on Lake Tyler!
Copter Copter
Drive the copter for as long as you can without crashing
110m Hurdles 110m Hurdles
Race in this 110M Hurdles track and field event
Zwingo Zwingo
King of the Hill, Elastic-Style! Black balls creep in, trying to knock your big white ball from its circle. Defend your motherball by swatting away your attackers!

· Sqrl Golf II
· Ten Pin Bowling



Racehorse Tycoon Racehorse Tycoon
Buy a horse, hire trainers and jockeys, and start your steeplechase career. A season of races, and you can bet against your own horse!
Luncheon of the Dead Luncheon of the Dead
You lead a few surviving humans, trapped at the mall. And the zombies are coming! Command your peoples, build barricades, and fight the good fight!
Starship Legend Starship Legend
Fight off other ships
Ask the Spirits Ask the Spirits
Ask the spirits any question that you desire, but be careful not to upset them. Beware; this Ouija board is not for those with nervous dispositions, nor those who may fear communication with the dead.

· Miss Malfunction
· My Sweet 16



Pearls Before Swine Pearls Before Swine
Try not to get the last pearl in this strategy game against the computer AI
Hexxagon Hexxagon
Play Hexxagon against friend or the computer AI
River Game River Game
The object is to get all the people across the river. There are rules to be obey
Sonic Heroes Puzzle Sonic Heroes Puzzle
Stack blocks and clear them with a corresponding character block. Earn bonus for combos.

· World Domination
· Warthog Jumping


Shoot 'em up

Wasted Sky Wasted Sky
There are total of 6 ships to choose from and multiple neat power-ups in this game
Pokemon Kill 2 Pokemon Kill 2
Shoot the pokemon before the escape
Kindergarten Killer Kindergarten Killer
Get inside the kindergarten and shoot down those pesky little kids with your shotgun
Trap Shoop Trap Shoop
Very addictive target shooting game. Try your best to get higher score!

· Tactical Assassin
· War On Terrorism



Gr8 Racing Gr8 Racing
This is a really cool rally game, Post your best laptimes in the forum!
Grand Prix Grand Prix
Race your Formula 1 car, to pole position in this cool new game
Replay Race Replay Race
Use Arrow keys to control the car and press Space bar to apply hand break for sharp turns.
Catch Roo Catch Roo
You've got a problem on your hands, Mate - Kangaroo Jack has escaped into the outback with your jacket and $50,000 in cash. You've got a Four Wheel vehicle, but Jack knows the outback better than you. Think you can grab him, along with the cash that

· 3D Buggy Racing
· Drag Racer v3



Bumper Ball Bumper Ball
Air Hockey + Bumper Carts = Bumper Ball!
Asteroids Asteroids
The classic arcade game from 1979.
Thunder Plunder Thunder Plunder
Borg has a viking liking for plundering. Help him on his mission to collect treasure and keys to access the next level.
Space Invaders Space Invaders
Play this classic game online in all its glory! This game is so addictive it will have you pulling y

· Pacman
· Tetris



Gauntlet Gauntlet
Collect keys to open gates,a nd collect treasures. Donât get killed by the ghosts.
Super Mario Time Attack Remix Super Mario Time Attack Remix
Princess Peach is kipnaped, and Mario is entrust to free her from the kipnapper.
Speed Mania Speed Mania
You are driving and speeding. You must avoid other cars or you will crash.
Starcraft Flash Action V2 Starcraft Flash Action V2
Play starcraft in this Flash version of the game; deploy the first unit quickly to survive the game

· Hyper Trak
· The Kungfu Statesmen



Flash Poker Flash Poker
This is a really cool flash poker game. Place your bets now!!
Pirates Revenge Pirates Revenge
Slot machine with a pirate theme.There will be a nice loot!
Trotter Track Arena Trotter Track Arena
Horce race that allow betting
3 Wheel Slot Machine 3 Wheel Slot Machine
Spin your slot wheel to get some cash. Before you leave the game, please click on Submit for your score record

· Sign of Zodiac
· Keno



Squidgy Squidgy
Use your mouse to smash Squidgy into enemies without being hit by their bullets. Avoid spiky mines and collect speed, size and shield powerups.
Ingenious Personality Quiz Ingenious Personality Quiz
Are you a Creepy Loner? A Suck Up? We know you are sick. But what KIND of sick? Take this quiz and discover the awful truth!
Fish Hunter 2 Fish Hunter 2
Cavemen need to eat, hunt down those fish with your speare
Pencil Racer Pencil Racer
Draw it, Play it, Save it, Share it! Select awesome vehicles like ducks, tractors, tanks and pigs. Customize track behavior with stickiness and boost. Decorate your track with heavy-duty art tools!

· Operation Slaps
· Avoid Responsibility


Today's Most Popular

Raiden X Raiden X (42 today)
Shoot your way through your enemies in this horribly fast game. In Raiden X you must make your way around to defeat the bosses and conquer the universe!
The HookUp The HookUp (37 today)
Dish the Dirt, Sister!
Orgasm Girl Orgasm Girl (8 today)
*NEW* 18 and up ONLY - Adult in Nature -- Try your very best to give this girl the orgasm of her life. But, don't wake her up!
Sim Girls: DNA2 Sim Girls: DNA2 (5 today)
Dating Simulation featuring nice Japanese anime
Naughty Beach Naughty Beach (2 today)
The naughty kids want the beach to themselves. So shenanigans are in order to get the grownups out of the way! Think naughty!
Basebol Flash Game Basebol Flash Game (2 today)
Mouse batter up! Get a hold on these balls to let your fury rip through the ballpark. Will the fans be awe-struck or will you be struck out?
Charger Escape 1 Charger Escape 1 (2 today)
Horses do biot have thumbs and that is why they need your help! Get this horse out of the stable, escape-style! Fun game.
Canuck Rally JetSki Canuck Rally JetSki (2 today)
Race the JetSki around the track
5 Spots 5 Spots (2 today)
Find the differences game
Reindeer Training School Reindeer Training School (2 today)
Help the reindeer learn how to fly.
Mahjongg Mahjongg (2 today)
Classic Japanese Taipai, a matching game where your goal is to bring down the stack of tiles to nothing. Can you tackle the stack?
S T A T S T A T (2 today)
How many patients in a row can you resuscitate without killing one of them? I really hope this isnt a training tool for EMTs.
Fratboy Girlfriend TD Fratboy Girlfriend TD (2 today)
Fratboy Austin has a lovely girlfriend. And his fratboy frenemies are after her! Defend the Girlfriend Tower!
Super Crazy Guitarman Super Crazy Guitarman (2 today)
Many tracks - multiple axes. Put a stick dude through his DDR paces, while he lays fat licks!
wOne wOne (2 today)
Think you're on a roll? Take this game for a spin.
1i 1i (2 today)
Catch the green blobs

Most Popular

The HookUp The HookUp (424,712 plays)
Dish the Dirt, Sister!
Sim Girls Sim Girls (295,617 plays)
Sim Girls is great fun and very addictive! Build up your character.
Love Hina Love Hina (134,342 plays)
Very similar game to Sim Girls. Build your character.
Dentist And The Exploding Teeth Dentist And The Exploding Teeth (106,898 plays)
Drill away the good tooth and keep all the rotten teeth
Sim Girls: DNA2 Sim Girls: DNA2 (78,881 plays)
Dating Simulation featuring nice Japanese anime
Deal Or No Deal Deal Or No Deal (72,402 plays)
game based on a show at NBC called well..." Deal Or No Deal "
Naruto Dating Naruto Dating (63,883 plays)
There are only 100 days left until the exams. And you as naruto have to make the most of it. Not only do you and your friends have to pass all the exams but you need to have some fun along the way. You control all aspect of narutos life from studying
Anime Chick Game Anime Chick Game (58,239 plays)
Answer the questions correctly
Buy the Glasses Buy the Glasses (56,255 plays)
Interactive cartoon
Girl Know How To Dress Girl Know How To Dress (48,789 plays)
Dress to impress.
Shoplifter Shoplifter (48,300 plays)
Dodge the cameras to successfully shoplift the store!
Naughty Beach Naughty Beach (45,526 plays)
The naughty kids want the beach to themselves. So shenanigans are in order to get the grownups out of the way! Think naughty!
Sonic Sonic (37,564 plays)
Yes!! its a half decent sonic game that you can play online!
Copter Copter (32,836 plays)
Drive the copter for as long as you can without crashing
Cool Car and Cool Time Cool Car and Cool Time (30,656 plays)
Cool Car and Cool Time: Has a cool sports car; hope to have a cool time at the party.
Full Time Killer Full Time Killer (29,380 plays)
Great sniper game, make sure you don't get spotted!

Today's Most Unpopular

Alien Alien (0 today)
"DEFEND THE BASE" from evil aliens!
Beach Tennis Beach Tennis (0 today)
Lovely ladies playing tennis down the beach.
Mars Mission Mars Mission (0 today)
Cool alien invaders game, great fun!
Trap Shot Trap Shot (0 today)
PULL!!! go on.. shoot those clay pigeons
Snake Snake (0 today)
Remember snake on the old nokia? This is the re-make
Starship 11 Starship 11 (0 today)
Cool space ship drive game.
Bunch Bunch (0 today)
Cool puzzle game, very addictive!
Cube Buster Cube Buster (0 today)
Very addictive puzzle game, great!
Rural Racer Rural Racer (0 today)
Pretty cool online driving game, not easy though.
Sonic Sonic (0 today)
Yes!! its a half decent sonic game that you can play online!
Copter Copter (0 today)
Drive the copter for as long as you can without crashing
Spank the Monkey Spank the Monkey (0 today)
How hard can you SPANK THE MONKEY??!
City Jumper City Jumper (0 today)
See how far you can jump! Great fun, very addictive game.
Full Time Killer Full Time Killer (0 today)
Great sniper game, make sure you don't get spotted!
Fishing Fishing (0 today)
Wanna go fishing but can't be arsed with waiting and getting cold? This is perfect!'
Warthog Jumping Warthog Jumping (0 today)
If you have ever played halo, you will know exactley what this is about. If not... come and find out

All Time Underdogs

Half Life 2 Total Mayhem Half Life 2 Total Mayhem (1,435 plays)
First person shooter with half life graphic
Geriatric Skeet Shooting Geriatric Skeet Shooting (1,435 plays)
Press the PULL button then shoot on the wheel chaired people
Diamond Chase Diamond Chase (1,435 plays)
Steal the diamonds!
The Revenge of the Red Apple The Revenge of the Red Apple (1,435 plays)
Fight against cakes, birds, worms and much more??.
Gauntlet Gauntlet (1,435 plays)
Collect keys to open gates,a nd collect treasures. Donât get killed by the ghosts.
Kwikshot Kwikshot (1,435 plays)
try to hit the clays as they fly past the screen. You only have 2 shots per pair of clays!
Hide Needs Sake Hide Needs Sake (1,435 plays)
Collect 5 bottles of Japanese sake for hide. If you pick the wrong kind of drink, the game finishes.
Railroad Tycoon 3 Railroad Tycoon 3 (1,435 plays)
Drag the track pieces onto the gird. Form a complete rail-track so that the train can reach the destination safely
Space Fighter Space Fighter (1,435 plays)
Destroy the meteors before it hit you!
Invaders Invaders (1,435 plays)
Shoot down on incoming enemy alien space craft in this fast paced arcade shooter.
Rally 2100 Rally 2100 (1,435 plays)
This is simple but interesting. All you need to do is use your mouse to make turn and avoid your other competitor.
Shoot the Turkeys Shoot the Turkeys (1,435 plays)
Turkey shooting game
Elemigrante Elemigrante (1,435 plays)
Avoid the police for as long as you possibly can!
Hop A Lot Hobbit Hop A Lot Hobbit (1,435 plays)
Playing as Frodo, you must travel to Mordor to destroy the Ring!
Millineum Fighter 2 Millineum Fighter 2 (1,435 plays)
Pilot Millineum fighter and fight all other type of weapons vechile
War On Terrorism Ii War On Terrorism Ii (1,435 plays)
One of the good shooting game in Flash