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Shoot 'em up

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13 Days In Hell 13 Days In Hell
What's worse than zombies walking the earth? Do a tour of duty in the underworld, brother. These creeps are RAW.
2D Paintball 2D Paintball
Shoot down the rolling smilies in this office conference room.
2D Shootout 2D Shootout
Shoot down the cowboys.
3 Wheeled Death Ride 3 Wheeled Death Ride
Drive over guys, shoot them, do whatever it takes...
3D Shooter 3D Shooter
Shoot down the targets within a limited time reload your rifle.
A Blast A Blast
A fun Galaga-esque action game, shoot your enemies and survive the terror!
A murder of Scarecrows A murder of Scarecrows
Aim the seeds at the scarecrows to make them swipe at the ravens.
Aerial Seige Aerial Seige
Keys in Game
Age of War Age of War
Hit you with a rock, or call in a satellite hit. War is Hell, and that's the way we like it!
Aim & Fire Aim & Fire
Shoot the selected cans out shown in the top left
Airstrike Airstrike
Protect base against air raid and nuke
A platform shooting game when you control a cartoon soldier.
Alias 2 Alias 2
Artificial Lifeform Intended for Assassination and Sabotage, The Story Continues.....
Alien Attack Alien Attack
Eliminate alien ships, avoid friendly fire.
Alien Booya Alien Booya
FBI is trying to kill you! Slash them, shoot them our eat them!
Alien Clones Alien Clones
Take on foreign predators. This game requires you to be fast and accurate.
Alien Final Terminator Alien Final Terminator
Protect Earth by shooting missiles at the invading aliens!
Alien Hominid Alien Hominid
Pretty violent alien shooting game even it is in cartoon style
Alien Invasion Alien Invasion
A desparate alien species is trying to sek refuge on Earth, however, it was not welcome on Earth and the order from the President is to destroy them all
Alien Invasion 2 Alien Invasion 2
Shoot down the UFOS before they get to you.
Aliens attack Aliens attack
A simple invader clone
All Hallow's Eve All Hallow's Eve
Shoot down the zombies overrunning your house before they get to you in this horror shooting game.
Alloy Alloy
Control alloy to attack the enemies. Find out about combo move for maximum damage and score
Alpine Escape 2 Alpine Escape 2
Shoot the planes avoiding the mines and save as many maidens as you can.
Amazons vs Athenians Amazons vs Athenians
In this game you go around in a way fighting the other team you can either chose the amazons or the Athenians.
Amok Madman Amok Madman
Get tought by an expert in this fun shooting game.
Animal Hunter Animal Hunter
Hunting rabbit, birds, etc in the jungle.
Animal Launch Animal Launch
What happens when the Stupid Test guys put a Cat into a Catapult? That'd be Animal Launch. Put those puppies in the Catapult and see if you can't launch them around the world!
Animal Wars Animal Wars
Like Worm games? You should evolve, dude! Angry goats, slimy slugs, fire ants and poopy gorillas wage war against each other. Battle across America, my friends!
AO War On Iraq AO War On Iraq
Shoot down iraquis, tanks, and everything you see using AK Machine guns
Aparatorul Aparatorul
Fly around as a bug and shoot down the enemy bugs with lasers.
Aqua Slug Aqua Slug
Like Metal Slug with a supersoaker. Ever see those annoying little brats at the beach? Now’s your chance to take it out on them. Make ‘em cry!
Armada Assault Armada Assault
Fly your jet through the skies, shoot down enemies with gattling gun, use bombs to destroy helicopters and bosses.
Army Copter Army Copter
Your mission is to neutralize as many enemy units as you can!
Art Of War Art Of War
Shoot all the Russian soldiers invading Alaska and buy things to kill them with.
Asteroid Field Asteroid Field
Destroy the asteroid before it crash on your ship
Astro Boy Astro Boy
Avoid hit by the asteriod and destroy it to survive
Astro Cave Astro Cave
Guide your way thru the castle to the goal
Attack of Infections Attack of Infections
Fly your ship around the planet shooting down ugly and strange aliens.
Autumn War Autumn War
You're not fighting Autumn! You're fighting Zombies! Dispatch your troops and give orders and wipe out the undead horde!
Axe Gang Rampage Axe Gang Rampage
A game related fighting game.
Backyard Brawl Backyard Brawl
In this game you pick a player and beat each other up with weird items.
Ballons Ballons
Target Practise with a twist - the targets are hanging on balloons!
Balloony Balloony
Shoot anything that moved on your screens
Bean Hunter Bean Hunter
I'm not entirely sure what you're supposed to do here. Oh well, have fun. :)
Beaver Blast Beaver Blast
Use your skills to blast the Beaver into the water tub.
Bird Hunting Bird Hunting
Shoot as many birds as you can.
Black Sheep Acres Black Sheep Acres
There’s no black sheep, but there are evil bunnies and menacing deer. Use grenades and pistols to kill more in an afternoon than Ted Nugent kills all year.
Blart Em Blart Em
Just blast the robots on screen
Blinking Blinking
Shoot the cats in armor with your cannon

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Order by: game title | date added | plays

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Raiden X Raiden X (27 today)
Shoot your way through your enemies in this horribly fast game. In Raiden X you must make your way around to defeat the bosses and conquer the universe!
Sh00t Rat Sh00t Rat (2 today)
If you do not like rats, you know what to do...
Desert Rifle Desert Rifle (1 today)
We need to distract the enemy. You, my friend, are the decoy. You will be resupplied, provided you survive. Got Skillz?
Robokill Robokill (1 today)
Very engaging game where you play a mercenary robot trying to destroy the invaders of Titan Prime. There are several levels, each with a large number of interconnected rooms that you need to go through. You will also earn money, which allows you to b
Gunmaster Onslaught 2 Gunmaster Onslaught 2 (1 today)
On Gunmaster Onslaught, you play an army commando who has to stay alive as long as possible by surviving the assault of the enemies. At your disposal, you have guns, mines, and even rocket launchers! Move around to collect the ammo as well.
Forest Fight 2 Forest Fight 2 (1 today)
Walk through the forest sideways. Shoot the monsters, then shoot their gold to pick it up. Makes little sense, but there’s lots of killing which is what you came here for.
Zombie Erick Zombie Erick (1 today)
There’s not just zombies in this first person shooter. There’s all kinds of monsters, some we can’t identify. But you’re not here to catalog them, you’re here to kill them!
Kaichou Kaichou (1 today)
Turn black blobs into flowers and music - really! How long can you keep the darkness at bay?
Jetpack Escaper Caper Jetpack Escaper Caper (1 today)
Remember Saddam Hussein and Osama? They escape with the help of Jet Packs. You have a gun and get to pop them out of the sky.
Hover Tanks 2 Hover Tanks 2 (1 today)
Your hover tank will fall down and go boom if you don’t take aim to your enemy. Shoot up the other tanks before they shoot up you.
The Pulpifier The Pulpifier (1 today)
What if everyone were just disguised as zombies instead of being real zombies? Wouldn’t your face be red?
Tailspin Tailspin (1 today)
It’s dogfight time over the farmland! Your parents would rather you be a biplane than bi-curious.
Breakpoint Breakpoint (1 today)
Shoot op zombies and evil creatures that appear on your radar before they get to you.
Modern Medieval 2 Modern Medieval 2 (1 today)
The little blue archer is back, and he wants nothing more than revenge on the red guys. At least, I think that's the story.
Sift Heads 2 Sift Heads 2 (1 today)
The fact that you choose a pistol when you use a sniper rifle shouldn't bother you. You're hard core, dangerous, and have a perfectly circular head. Can you make the kills to get the cash?
Spitwad Spitwad (1 today)
Sticky balls in the face. Or, at least that's the goal. Hit the other guy before he hits you, and you're the winner.

Most Popular

Sh00t Rat Sh00t Rat (5,290 plays)
If you do not like rats, you know what to do...
Epic  Bloons Tower Defense 4 Epic Bloons Tower Defense 4 (5,019 plays)
Very fun defense game. It is probably better than other defense games currently on the market. It has a lot of maps.
Dead Duck Dead Duck (4,376 plays)
An interesting duck shooting game. You've got 120 shots per game. If the ranger shoots you five time. You're dead.
Stress Game Stress Game (4,007 plays)
Take your stress out on these little smilie faces.
Raiden X Raiden X (3,803 plays)
Shoot your way through your enemies in this horribly fast game. In Raiden X you must make your way around to defeat the bosses and conquer the universe!
Tower Defence Tower Defence (3,371 plays)
This is a very addictive game where you use elemental towers in order to prevent the enemy units entering your castle and killing your citizens. The graphics may not win you over at first, but stick with it. The playability of this game is amazing!
Trap Shot Trap Shot (3,278 plays)
PULL!!! go on.. shoot those clay pigeons
Bowman 2 Bowman 2 (3,226 plays)
Shoot an arrow through the heart of your opponent.
Pacman Wars Pacman Wars (3,181 plays)
his game is awesome! You are pacman and you try killing things with machine guns.
13 Days In Hell 13 Days In Hell (3,088 plays)
What's worse than zombies walking the earth? Do a tour of duty in the underworld, brother. These creeps are RAW.
The SkullKid The SkullKid (3,054 plays)
Fun, Easy, Bloody and Gory. Good Luck
AO War On Iraq AO War On Iraq (3,031 plays)
Shoot down iraquis, tanks, and everything you see using AK Machine guns
Special Mission Special Mission (2,979 plays)
Give your enemies a Metal Slug to the head. This game looks remarkably similar to something you'd find on Neo Geo. Save your friends and get special ammo to shoot your way to the end.
Bird Hunting Bird Hunting (2,921 plays)
Shoot as many birds as you can.
Bombs Away Bombs Away (2,870 plays)
A fun shooting game where you take up the role of a seagul.
Tanks V2 Tanks V2 (2,836 plays)
Blow up the opponent's tank before they do it to yours