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Name: Beverly

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Location: Florida
Country: United States of America

Status: Engaged
Sexuality: Straight
Ethnicity: Latin / Hispanic
Religion: Agnostic

Body Type: Average

Drink?: I don't drink
Smoke?: I smoke occasionally
Drugs?: I don't use drugs

About Me

Miss Rican here. 20. Sexy as hell. Had my son on May 13th. I dont stress a bitch on here or anywhere so hate on. Your not hotter than me and I know this so saying you are wont change my mind DUH!!! I love me!!! And you cant touch my rank....

**Hater of the Year goes to curtyungthang!!! Congratulations!!**

Other Information

Music: almost everything

TV: almost everything

MSN: nope

AIM: nope

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Socal has 4 friends.

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2016-10-08 13:04:49
i am a fan of u ....i just dont know how u do it .. like u just say fuck the haters and carry one .. your sooo inspirational x
2013-01-30 17:08:56
U r very beautiful
2011-06-23 23:40:36
Hell NO!! Shes actually the oldest of my 27 kids. Got 16 more on the way!!! WOOOOO :D
2011-06-02 03:13:58
hahahaha, you look like nadia suleman....r u her sister????? hahaha
2011-05-25 07:50:24
TeeHee curtyYUNGthang just really hurt my feelings....damn...rank 31,thousandsomeshit with no profile pic and info is wayyyy better than me and i see this now cause of the comment "it" left....
2011-05-24 14:13:00
im puerto rican hi and dont mind my pic ok?
2011-05-10 09:29:51
bitch yhu think yhu hard weak ass hoe nasty motherfucker stanky ass bich !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011-01-08 08:07:59
:D Likee Yhur Paqee. Im Rican,Ittalian,Indian,Whitee,&&Black. [ =
2009-08-12 10:38:55
im puerto rican too
2008-08-22 15:02:00
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Games Played: 2,143
Highest Ever: #2
Most Played: Copter
Plays per Day: 0.6
Last Played: Stuarts Xtreme Skateboarding

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