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Name: Kara

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Location: Florida
Country: United States of America

Status: Single and looking
Sexuality: Bisexual
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Religion: I Dont Know

Body Type: Average

Drink?: I drink often
Smoke?: I smoke occasionally
Drugs?: I sometimes use drugs

About Me

Lets see I am about 5'2.I am average size.I have HUGE boobs. I dont really have a big ass but it is ok. I am bisexual. I love hanging out just with people. If you know me or any of my firends you will know that if you mess with them you mess with me. I will kick any ass for them even if they dont need it. My best firends name is Marisa Alcantara. I would kill anybody for her she is like my life. Well my firends are my life I care more about them then my family. That might sound wrong but they have been there through ups and downs thick and thin. I will love them forever. Well if you wanna know anything else about me just mssage me and ask, I will tell. Love Kara

Other Information

Music: I like almost everything

TV: Dont really watch

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