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Name: Unknown.

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Location: Unknown.
Country: Unknown.

Status: Unknown.
Sexuality: Unknown.
Ethnicity: Unknown.
Religion: Unknown.

Body Type: Unknown.

Drink?: Unknown.
Smoke?: Unknown.
Drugs?: Unknown.

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lover lad
2012-09-12 13:44:19
oy dick u fked off the wrong people u fking say anything to my sis again i will fking kick ur ass up and down the street got it ASS HOLE ?
2011-06-08 08:30:01
alexis wutt up this adrian jefferson sister and amiah cousin
2011-06-05 13:18:52
Okayy , Look . . Howw Yuu Gonna Sayy Peoplee Gho ' dd Their Picss Off Goqqle , Wenn Somee Pics GO On Gooqlee . Pluss , How Do We Knoee YU Didnt Ghe ' dd Yer Picss Off Gooqlee . ? ii Meann , Yuu Onlyy Havee One Picc Of Yourselff . . .
2011-06-04 18:41:09
ur the fcking hore face that says ma bro's pic is fake .........REALITY CHECK DUMBASS THOSE BOOBZ R FAKE AND WTF HAPPENED TO UR FACE ................DID A TRACTOR RUN OVA IT?.....................FCK OFF LOUSY IDIOT JAYS PIC AINT FAKE ...............UR FACE IS CUZ ITZ AS UGLY AS MA DOGZ ASS
2011-06-03 10:53:09
Bitchh , Whyy Wuhldd ii Steal Picss Off Gooqle .? Likee Dayumnn. -__- Loser .? Aree Yuu Kiddinqq Me .? Yuu Actinn Likee Uh Fhuckinn 5 Year Oldd. Groww Df Upp Andd Quit Talkinn Shi'dd Bout Peoplee...
2011-06-02 17:16:14
If Yuu Typee " Dumbb Ass Bitchh Whoo Needss Tuh Stopp Sayinqq Shitt " , Yuu Wil Findd Yer Picc.


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